Dr.Kalimuthu Kalishwaralal

Dr.Kalimuthu Kalishwaralal working as a MK Bhan Young Researcher Fellow at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Kerala. He is the one of the top 2% scientists in the world published by stanford university (2020-2022). He has a keen interest in the fields of Nanotechnology, biotechnology, and molecular biology, with a particular focus on cancer biology research and developing novel therapies to combat cancer. Their primary research interests involve identifying molecular pathways and designing targeted therapies to specifically target cancer cells. One approach that intrigues the researcher involves utilizing peptides, obtained from phage display libraries, to deliver chemical or biological therapeutics molecules to cancer cells. He has completed postdoctoral research spanning four years at three renowned universities, including the University of Pittsburgh in the USA, Ariel University in Israel, and Konkuk University in South Korea.He has achieved a significant level of research success, as evidenced by their impressive publication citation count of 8461 and a respectable h-index of 34 as per the Google citation.

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