Our Services

Vaxigen offers the following in vitro screening services including:

Immunological assay

The Vaxigen team conducts various tests such as MTT, cell viability, scratch assay, and detecting LD50 and LC50 for assessing drug toxicity. In addition, we are experts in designing peptide and mRNA-based, yeast and Phage display vaccines. We also perform various vaccine evaluation studies including IgG ELISA, Cytokine ELISA, and Proliferation assay.

Molecular Biology studies

Our scientific team specializes in molecular biology, seamlessly integrating genomics and proteomics. Briefly, the following studies; cloning, and expression of the gene of interest, cDNA synthesis, transcriptomics, Western blotting, Comet assay, Gene expression studies using RT-PCR, gene amplification using PCR, SDS-PAGE, live and dead cell imaging, and other basic techniques.

Microbiological assays

We have microbiologists performing the following techniques routinely in our laboratory namely, screening of bacterial strains, staining, molecular characterization of bacterial strain, anti-bacterial activity, anti-fungal activity, and other basic microbiological techniques.

Pathological assays

Our scientific team is specialized in histopathology, routinely doing histological sections from formalin-fixed tissue samples. We have an advanced rotary microtome for sectioning the tissue samples and a microscope facility to document the hematoxylin and eosin-stained sections.

Rational vaccine design

We specialize in rational vaccine design that is primarily driven by immunoinformatics-based databases and powerful protein design software. We have a powerful GPU cluster to accelerate the protein design and modeling tasks along with in silico affinity prediction prior to in-house experimental validation of the computational designs.

Our Expertise

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01. Blood Bank & Chemistry

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02. Coagulation & Cytology

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03. Hematology & Histology

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