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Vaxigen International Research Center Private Limited is a contract-based R&D enterprise that utilizes various platforms to design and develop indigenous vaccines and therapeutic small molecules targeting infectious diseases in humans and animals. The enterprise is promoted by four Indians, working in top-notch universities in India and overseas, with a strong motivation to provide solutions in various areas of cell biology, infectious diseases, and cancer.

Research Focus

The primary target of our enterprise is the development of vaccines and therapeutic products for infectious diseases and cancer. We have developed safe and effective delivery platforms including epitope, surface display,  

Our Services

Vaxigen offers the following in vitro screening services including:Immunological assay,Molecular Biology studies,Microbiological assays,Pathological assays,Rational vaccine design.

Our Location

Registered office: NO 32 C.S Nagar Second Cross road Vadavalli Coimbatore -641041

Work place : No 45/1 Super Garden Avenue ,6th Cross Vadavalli Coimbatore -641041

Training programs

Apart from research and development, our scientific team routinely empowers manpower by conducting advanced and basic training programs/workshops under the following thematic areas.

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+91 91599 11112


PointLab Expert Team

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Margaret Anderson

Head of Laboratory Department

Mark Anthony

Senior Pathologist

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician
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